It’s going to be a test for you…

The Citizens of India,
You’ve done a great job !
I hereby congratulate you for the worthwhile work that you’ve done for the past ten years.
For the ten years of utmost criticism and watchfulness.
For responsive over any issue that has raised.
You have been so powerful in throwing out Manmohan Singh.
You have been skeptical about even any gesture that he has made.
You have made rudimentary comments about everything that he has spoken, and not even spoken.
A very much congratulations.
And, I insist you upon being the same for the forthcoming years also.
Be bold.
Be ready with your views.
Be the watch-men.
But, but,…
If you are going to be dumb for anything being done then on, feeling that he will do anything for the best of India and start idolizing him.
If you are going to speak only what he only does good, and start ignoring his short-comings in course.
If you are going to be silent, feeling proud that You’ve made a great change with your vote; That you’ve chosen the greatest leader; That you’ve thrown away the corrupt and in place, given the responsibility to the wisest.
Then, You’re failing miserably.
You’re failing to be a part of the “powerful” democracy of the world.
You’re utterly failing to achieve what you’ve aimed at.
The coming five years are going to be just a test for you.
Not for anyone else.
Get Ready


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