Hinduism – A diverse religion?

There is a threat to plurality; a threat to diverse nature of various cultures existing in modern India, by  idealizing them all under a single name “Hinduism”. It calls for unification of various unknown, and unheard cultures over the region in the pretext of “Unity in Diversity”.

But the side-effects are worse, even evident in modern times. When you start piling up cultures together, the weaker or smaller gets darkened in the shades of the stronger or the larger. The unification itself turned out into a vast cultures, draining towards singularity.

The coinage of “Unity in diversity” tries to silence all the queries against this. To tackle this, the fundamentals have to be set right. Men of diverse and distinct cultures need not stand together, need not get united together in the name of a religion or race, but under a name of Nation. So, that answers the question. You never need the unity in the name of a religion for the various diverse cultures existent.

The various cultures are largely different from one other, in their beliefs, in their small practices, in their way of life, in their way of looking at things. Uniting them all will make some of them, or even majority of them disappear slowly. The experiment of India is thus dead from then on. You will find Hinduism then, but no plurality. You cannot boast about diverse things from thereafter. The changes are slower, but will be stiffer.

The question raises when you follow some religious practice, and you are called Hindu. You came to know people do some other religious practice, even the opposite of yours, and are called Hindus as well. And some one else who does something else also called Hindu. And, You ask a question “Why is that?” and they say, “Hinduism is diverse, and there exists all kinds of people doing all kinds of practices.” Then suddenly you wonder, “There exists all kinds of people in the world, of various different religions, doing various practices. If Hinduism accepts everything within them, and name all their diversities and unify them under one name, then they could call even a Muslim with a practice of Islam as a part of this diverse Hinduism; even a Zoroastrian somewhere around with their practice could be merged with Hinduism.”

I feel this naming of one religion for truly various religious practices and cultures, tries to promote people under the name of a religion, which is absolutely not necessary for real all-round growth. But there could be opposite arguments readily available as well. It speaks for Hinduism scales up all the regions, where people belong to one single race, though with different practices. Somewhere around I even heard a guy in Television shouting, the people in Kanniyakumari and Kashmir have the same DNA (Sorry, I seriously don’t know how they let them sit and speak there). But these are absurd arguments for bringing together everyone under one roof.

This unification will not prove fruitful to each and every diversities, small, petty and large, but try to impose thoughts and explanations for the different groups on a whole, which otherwise would start asking questions on them. Answering every one of them would be impossible, with the enormous diverse thought process existent in this country.

You do not need this grouping for an unveiling of a scientific ideology; an economic ideology; but a cultural and religious ideology that would even impact on the way of approach towards science and economy.

If there are various uniqueness,
If there exists diverse cultures,
Letting them unique, letting them different is only going to help this country, not every country, but definitely the India.

The India is an experiment of plurality.
When that goes, there will be no more India.

P.S.: I know there could be right and wrong in what I’ve said. But, They are my thoughts, which I firmly believe till now.


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