Questions on My Beliefs

I am based on my beliefs. My beliefs make me. My observations form my beliefs. My quest show me many things to observe. My life asks me to search.

Today, there was a Yuva Shakthi meeting, where I got my beliefs questioned. An interrogation doesn’t offend you necessarily, but give time for you to ponder over the strength of your convictions. In addition that, I am a man who has been growing constantly, learning progressively, only through interrogations. So, I was really glad to face it.

The question was, What do I believe in? Or, Do I not believe in it?

Before entering into DO I NOT? Let us check, What is “IT”? And How everything came there?

We were actually speaking about a story. And This is what the story want to convey us. We have minds, everyone does. Sometimes people even have multiple-minds. Nevertheless, Minds drive us. Minds are made by what we think. But Minds are what say us what to do. So, the minds have the significant role in how we live. But the minds during the idle times should be controlled from distractions. It should focus on a point so as to be in a good control of us. Spirituality; Thinking of Divinity could make the mind occupied, stay focused.

What do people who don’t believe in God, occupy their minds with? Is “a non-believer of God” itself a belief?

I am not much worried about these questions. But, You tell me, “Don’t you believe in God?” It starts my thinking. What do I believe in? What should I? Of course, I don’t believe in the existence of a creator. But I haven’t stressed upon my beliefs at major occasions, so that I could avoid prejudices and identities. But I started thinking, What do I believe in representing, when questioned?

I told, Agnostic. Still, I was not agnostic about God. But agnostic about my representation. It’s just because the fact that I doubt people about the correct interpretation of a rationalist. So Do I represent myself as a rationalist to them?

But, Some questions followed then, for me to keep my convictions getting tighter, and also to stand before representing my belief.

God can be proved existent. But Can you prove it non-existent?
Why does a baby born in ten months?

I was not that good at biology actually atleast in its facts, So I was just curious to ask, “Is it not science?”

No, It is not Science. Science can answer only How-s, but not Why-s.
The sun rises. Science can answer how, How the Sun rises But, not Why the Sun rises?

So, The Questions are over. The answers are with me to search for. The people who believe God, seems to have answered these questions, and they are content enough to ask the rationals as to what you would give answer to these. I first started my quest from them. Why does a baby born in ten months? Why does anyone do what he or she is doing? Why are you here? So, It was answered karma. Only if you can believe in the divine power, you can also accept that you are subjected to a karma. So, What do a non-believer answer for this? What could he possibly give a reason to it?

Do I have an answer? No. Why am I here? No, I am still searching for an answer. The science has provided us to show that the present Universal events are due to the accidents in the past, which doesn’t look to amuse many people. But Do I have an answer? No.

I don’t have an answer. So, Does that confirm God exists? So, I also have a karma? So, I am not a rational anymore? So, My beliefs are to be shattered?

These kind of questions just try to ponder over the strength of your convictions.

I looked at the Science for help. Then I understood, I don’t need to worry. Because that is how the Science goes. To learn. Science didn’t end. Spirituality tries to put an end to this question. It is the ultimate. But Science didn’t try to end. It existed. It will exist.

The one thing he told was wrong is “Science answers only How-s not Why-s”. Yes, It was wrong. Because, there were times, When Science was not even able to answer How? How-s were answered by Divinity. How-s were easily preyed to cheap answers, by God. Science didn’t know their answers, But Science existed. It persisted. It started to find answer step by step. Then It has found How things done? It has found the real answers.

But, The Why-s are still in the hunt. If How-s are, Then Why-s will also be, sooner.

Until then, Rationals don’t want to fall for cheap answers.And, I believe in it firmly.


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