For a better democracy…

With just one week ahead for the day, let me just stop this temporary “Captain for CM” kind of posts and get some things really straight for us to look at and ponder. It is easier to find that we are still not out of monarchical psyche, which I can also show so many evidences in our day-to-day life itself. That said I am also not denying that it is difficult to get out of it completely and all, within just less than 100 years. It takes time. But it also takes efforts.

A sudden question arises, when we boast about being the huge democracy in the world, I doubtfully ask myself, “What is the impression or a judgment that comes to my mind when I see an MLA, despite the party, caste, religion, gender, all that? What’s she or he actually looking like to me?”

A person who represents you? Really?

Let us not try to answer that MLA question right away. Let us come down a little. What is a ‘Class Representative’ looking like to us, amidst all the bullying, teases, responsibilities, punishments, etc.? The one who represent us all??


Next question on the cards, ‘Should a representative be a leader or just a representative alone?’ What I mean by being a representative alone is that, For example When a majority of a landmass, say Chennai are opposing what happened to Nirbhaya, It’s representative suddenly come up with a protest staged against it, I mean, representing the majority. But suddenly when a majority of Chennai is not giving much ado about Jisha, You’ll find the same with the representative. Representative being a leader? She or he will also lead the opinions (right or wrong) in the landmass and represent them outside.

Being a representative alone any wrong or something like that? No, really not. It actually calls for the people who are being represented to take more cautious and more knowledgeable steps in the state and rightfully pointing it out to the representative.

Having spoken all those theories, I believe that we are in a situation to see our MLAs and MPs as primarily as leaders, who also represents us in the Parliaments. That means, we expect them to perform more at the society first, speak awe in the Media too, change something vitally before our eyes than drafting laws to implement any change even possible. We fail to understand that MLAs or Legislature alone is only 33.3% of our system, yet vital 33.3%. Our society never completes with this 33% alone or after our duty on May 16th alone.

I have put forth all these just to spark a thought on what are the roles of a Legislative member that we really believe as?

We intend to dream big for our country, to take huge steps towards building it stronger. If you are one among them please always keep that in mind. No party can bring a Change. It’s not the party that brings Change. Or it’s not the real change when a party or an election is bringing it. Especially in a democracy, if it’s a change, or if a change is required, it has to be seen at each door-step. So A better democracy to operate not only during the election, but throughout the journey, everyone must contribute to it.

We need to develop more tools, bring in more ideas to make this democracy much stronger and also efficient than the others. But, we are discovering odd also vulnerable tools, like Opinion polls trying to polarize the thoughts and ideas of everyone. We need tools to gather our Opinions on the change needed, not on the forecast of who wins. At the end of the day, everyone wants a good representative of its constituency making a healthier and stronger democracy.


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