Why RCB is not ‘raped’ by KKR? 

Disclaimer: I suggest that only humans 15 years of age and above can read further, Otherwise, Please Get out. Because this is not going to be a Cricket commentary or Strategic talk.

I am not a RCB fan.

I’m not trying to say that “RCB is raped by KKR” as quoted by any main-stream media, or at the least I am not aware of. But I have seen people keeps ‘rape’ as a usage connecting to a defeats in sports in social-media and in person as well. Also, I am not saying I am outraged by this usage but I wanted to think about the meaning behind this usage, thereby trying to understand the term ‘rape’ more also.

RCB is raped by KKR.

A woman is raped by a man.

After looking at these two statements, I felt there are two fundamental differences between these, that made me to think too much.

The first of them, is the very existence of RCB team is that they are entitled to play in IPL, a sporting competition. Without registering to IPL, RCB is nothing but a group of cricketers. So it is according to the schedule of IPL that RCB played against KKR voluntarily and lost badly. But The very existence of woman is not to get involved in any sexual competition, and an act of sex is in no way a competition too. But a woman raped is involuntary, forced, brutal and without her consent.

‘Wait, How can you say that existence of women is not to have sex? It is against the natural evolutionary process.’

Wow. Yes, existence of two genders, a male and a female in homo sapiens through evolution is to have sex between them. It is called Sex, when it is consensual. But again, the very existence of woman is not to have sex with a man. It is her right to choose whether or not, and with whom also. So any sport is a voluntary process in which one may win over the other. But a sexual assault is without any consent of one of them involved.

The second difference comes out because of victimization. To dwell into this more, let us assume that the usage of ‘rape in

RCB is raped by KKR

is right. If it were so, How would it have happened really instead of 40 odd all out. If RCB were to be raped, first of all, let us assume they are some 11 bunch of people who know cricket and roaming around the stadium, and KKR took them out of their consent, made them stand before wickets, tied a bat in their hands and bowled them out.Now,Yes, RCB is raped by KKR. But, in that case, Will KKR be really proud of themselves? Are they not ashamed of playing cricket in that way? So, It is evident that If it were a rape, KKR has to be ashamed, like a man has to be ashamed for raping a woman.

But, We use the term ‘rape’ in order to victimize RCB, just like how we constantly victimize women. I know this is a fine line. But understanding this fine line that, A rape is the most brutal, violent form existent among homo sapiens, by which a woman is forced without any consent to sexual abuse, and for which the men who are responsible have to be ashamed, accused, made guilty.

It is without this understanding that we compare the woman who is raped to a defeated team in cricket. In a rape, Isn’t a man socially and morally defeated in his very own nature? Isn’t he the one who needs to be ashamed of, like RCB?

‘Isn’t it just a metaphor?’

Rape = An assault without consent, which in no metaphorical meaning can be attributed to a competition where two parties are mutually agreed to compete.

‘Why only for rape? There are lot many words in this world that are misused. You’re an hypocrite.’

Really? Yeah, If you say so. But Am I outrageous about this usage now? Am I going to threaten you if you again misuse the rape for any sport victories? No. Certainly not. I don’t care if you change the usage or keep continuing it. The whole purpose of this is to come to a proper understanding.

Rape is a sensitive word, but sensitized in a wrong way that victimize women. Rape is certainly very sensitive word, that should be sensitized more only to plant the guilt directly on those who do such acts. For that, the real understanding should be stern in the minds.

If it were hypocritical though, I’m a lover of adjectives.


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