Multiple Minds Inside

I am starting this #MultipleMindsInside, to experiment how it would be to reveal, what happens every time when I sit alone, try to do something, anything and how my brain really works.

There are multiple minds, versions of person, scope of expressions, inside everyone. It helps some. It irritates some. Some love them. Some want to get rid of them. I don’t know, I am just putting this here.

Warning: Don’t be like, This is some psychological disorder. Oh, No.. Mad. It’s just how some can be. These things happen normally for me. For example,

It was sometime, when I decide to think of changing my Facebook About, and to make it wider, so I thought and came to a conclusion like,

Mind1: Okay, Here’s this. A sample of homo sapiens. How’s it?

Mind2: No way.

Mind3: No? You mean, he is a….

Mind4: Mutant?

Mind2: No. He is still like a chimp.

Mind1: Okay, Stop.

Mind3: What if he is not?

Mind2: Not what? Not even chimpanzee?

Mind1: Oh, man. Okay, A meagre, small, like tiny sample of homo sapiens? Okay?!!

Mind4: I thought he is some kind of lion, or something on four legs.

Mind2: He doesn’t even have one canine coming out.

Mind1: Just shut up you. I have updated.

A mere sample of homo sapiens.



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