Journey to Puvidham

Reaching Puvidham

Place: Nagerkoodal, Nallampalli Union, Dharmapuri
From Nallampalli, You can  take bus 10A to the school
but the frequency will be less. Auto will charge Rs. 200

A visit to Puvidham, a model school based in my native town Dharmapuri was a long-standing plan, achieved recently last week along with a friend Priyanka. Puvidham Learning Centre was started in 2000 by two architects, Meenatchi and Umesh in Nagerkoodal village in Dharmapuri. They follow Montessori Method of Teaching. Instead of detailing and listing out each and everything they have focused on, A story of our guide through Puvidham, a first standard student Kanishka will sum up everything. Continue reading


GD on 19.02.2014

It was a very satisfying day, not because it was ease, but it stirred me a lot. It was on 19th, February 2014 and we had English Communication Laboratory. We were scheduled to have a mock Group-discussion event, and every group must discuss on a topic chosen on spot from lots. On the day, we had three GDs happening.

•Theism Vs Atheism
•Tuition should be banned or not
•Are women better managers? Continue reading