The ‘Don’t know!’ Purpose

“There is a poetic justice in the fact that a quarter of the world, and two of its seven continents, are named after a little-known Italian whose sole claim to fame is that he had the courage to say ‘We don’t know’. The discovery of America was the foundational event for the Scientific Revolution”
– Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

“You don’t know” is not an unfamiliar phrase. We used to hear that from our childhood, whenever we try to ask or say something out of our own observations about the surroundings, practices and lifestyle. “You don’t know about it. Don’t talk like that.” is what I have always got starting from my mother. And None of them seem so scientific. But here is an historian who says that the courage to say ‘We don’t know’ has led to a better Scientific Revolution.

Are there two different, ‘I don’t know’?

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Questions on My Beliefs

I am based on my beliefs. My beliefs make me. My observations form my beliefs. My quest show me many things to observe. My life asks me to search.

Today, there was a Yuva Shakthi meeting, where I got my beliefs questioned. An interrogation doesn’t offend you necessarily, but give time for you to ponder over the strength of your convictions. In addition that, I am a man who has been growing constantly, learning progressively, only through interrogations. So, I was really glad to face it.

The question was, What do I believe in? Or, Do I not believe in it? Continue reading