Who Am I?

You can call me Thedal.

The Information Age has already led me to leave loads of junks crawling over so many places throughout the cloud via numerous 12717537_948075008594410_2378746057689803188_nfaces and identities. This is an attempt to focus on uniting them as one, reducing the junks, probably.

So, You wanna know who am I?

I believe that’s the question which will keep everyone of us alive, searching. Isn’t it? So, A fitting answer would be my entire journey in life. A life that transcends from a dreams of traveling fast, Flying high, Finding another good earth to the dreams of Being happy, Sustainability, Improving quality education, Finding good place in this earth itself, and still dreaming…

But to answer, I will try to fit it with some adjectives for the time-being.


 Day-dreamer | Stubbornly Inquisitive | Story-teller | Ever-learning | Lazy | Hyperactive | Solitary Lover | Elusive | Extremely Narcissistic
And, Yep. The Philosopher.